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frequently asked questions:

The answer is simple, we know results take time and fitness goals cannot be achieved quickly. We do not lie to our clients and tell them they will achieve their dream physique or lifestyle in 1 month. We have found out in our clients that in order to make sure they get the best out of the programs, they need to truly understand and follow them effectively. That process can take a couple of weeks to learn. As we are committing to you, we need you to do the same.

Short answer is: It depends. But we will do our best to briefly explain who are we targetting on with our programs.

1. In-Person Training: Desgined for people who need daily accountability, this is the best investment for your money. In-Person training will deliver results in less time than any other program.

2. Online Coaching: Designed for people who do not have the time to meet in person or live far away from the personal trainer. Recommended but not mandatory to have a basic understanding of weightlifting and nutrition. 

3. Pre-written Programs: Designed for less experienced people who are tight on budget, but still want to follow a program that will give results. You need a basic understanding of weightlifting.

Short answer is: It depends. There are way too many variables to consider when answering a question like this, like what program you chose, effort put into programs,  what are your goals, etc. People who want to lose weight will have a different timeline than someone who is looking to gain strength or if you have an specific goal of losing 3 inches of your waist. But we can tell you this, someone who trains more frequently with a personal trainer most likely will see results in less time. Also, this question is the reason why we ask our clients to commit for at least for 2 months to In-Person Training. 


We do not offer refunds or have money back guarantees, and let us explain why.

“Money back guarantees” only serves to attract people who are not 100% committed, it gives them that “hope” that if the program does not work, they can get their money back. We know and is proven that our programs work, but is up to the person if they are willing to commit to it. Lack of motivation and committment are the main reason why people fail to follow fitness programs. So if you feel like you are not ready to fully commit to a change, our services might not be the right fit for you.

Gym memberships are not required but are encouraged as we have found out that our clients who work out at a gym see faster results than the ones who do not. You can still workout from the comfort of your home as all our programs are designed to accommodate to your lifestyle and goals.

Online coaching is a more flexible and cost effective program that overcomes the distance, travel, and cost constraints compared to in-person training. You will be assigned to a coach who will create a customized workout and nutrition program based on your fitness needs, and will virtually guide you to make sure you accomplish your fitness goals. It includes weekly check-ins and monthly videocalls with your coach. Online coaching is recommended for people who already have some kind of fitness experience.

Again, all these questions are really vague and there is no right answer. If you are someone who struggles with motivation and self-drive, and you do not feel like working out, we would suggest to start with 2 times per week and eventually increase the frequency. 

In the other end, we would not recommend having more than 5 workouts per week. Your body needs to rest and recover from the workouts you did throughout the week. Remember, the more does not always equals the better.

Supplements are not mandatory in our programs, but some will be recommended to increase muscle mass depending on your needs. They will never be a substitute for a good diet and workout program. 

Yes we take credit/debit cards as well as PayPal and Stripe.

If you do not see your question in here, feel free to ask us anything in our “Contact Us” page.

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