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Mahi DesaiMahi Desai
22:01 01 Aug 23
Lalo is an amazing trainer that is dedicated to helping you reach your goals while also being real about how exercise benefits you!! Over the summer he has helped improve my self image and confidence in the gym because he cares. He demonstrates each exercise giving pointers and tips to help you push your limits and become a better version of yourself
Dana MartinezDana Martinez
05:55 17 Jul 23
It’s always nerve wracking for me to try new things. But this year I just had to do it and I’m so glad I found the right person to help me! Before I met Coach Lalo, I had no gym experience at all, low energy, bad relationship with food, as well as very low self esteem. One day I realized I’ve had enough and wanted to do something about it. After a quick google search I had found Coach Lalo. And after my consultation I signed up right away. I was still not sure how I was even going to do anything because I had no experience whatsoever. But after 3 months, I can finally say something is finally working! Coach Lalo pushed me at every session. Even if I felt like giving up he still pushed me to keep going. He is truly a personable, respectful, knowledgeable coach. I will even say he is my life coach as well! He will always listen and give advice even if it’s not gym related. After just 3 months I’m more active, weight 10 pounds less, have a better relationship with food and just feel amazing overall. I’d highly recommend Coach Lalo even you have no gym experience or any other experience. Because he will push you and won’t give up on you. He will happily answer every question you have and explain how and why we everything works the way it does. And what I think it’s the most important thing for me is that he makes all parts of the program sustainable! I truly couldn’t be happier with the results and can’t wait to see even more!
Lalasa GLalasa G
04:15 17 May 23
I would highly recommend to start your fitness journey with Lalo, if you are a beginner or well trained, doesn’t matter. His knowledge and intelligence on how to train you and motivate you is immense. I am glad that I have decided to take up this journey of my transformation with him! It’s been just 2months and already seeing results.
Miriam RuizMiriam Ruiz
12:14 11 May 23
Coach Lalo is one of the most disciplined people I know, you definitely want to keep him around for your goals. Not only does he provide such professional trainings, but how mindful he is about a healthy mentality during my fitness journey. His coaching during the workout is so focused and he gives his 100% to push oneself to the limit, and our talks about nutrition are the bomb🔥he definitely knows what he’s doing; his testimony has made me set new goals and he has made me believe that I’m even able to compete one day. I’m so happy I found him and grateful of how nurtured my healthy lifestyle has become. Oh and I love how the gym feels so personalized, it’s like you are the most important person in the room🫶🏼I would recommend him to anyone with ny eyes closed.
Marco HD98Marco HD98
15:35 27 Apr 23
I’ve started my first program with Infinite Motivation about 6 months ago, and at the first month you can see instantly a tremendous impact on your daily routine.If you are looking for a change in your daily routine, foods, workout this is definitely the place you want, the coach Lalo is the best coach someone can ask for, he will be guiding you in the entire process, giving you advices, pushing you into your limits! He’s passionate, dedicated and also someone you can be confident with.
Matthew LinesMatthew Lines
17:19 24 Apr 23
I would highly recommend Lalo. I first became acquainted with his story on IG and felt drawn to his personal process of weight loss and fitness. After reaching out, it was clear how passionate he is about nutrition and better health. Although I don't live in the same city as Lalo, we've had no trouble coordinating my fitness and nutrition through an easy to navigate app and video calls. The app tells me all I need to know about the next workout (and previous workout) and the options in my meal plans, also created by Lalo. This is a process that works without extreme dieting or over doing it on the exercises...I'm evidence of that! Call Lalo, you won't regret it.
Eric CampbellEric Campbell
16:39 21 Feb 23
Lalo is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. He is living proof that if you put in the effort and eat healthy and train right you will vastly improve your weight, lifestyle and feel so much better. I lost over 30 lbs working with him and he has taught to eat healthier and count calories every day. It works. You just have to follow his lead. He pushes and pushes and you have to follow. I would recommend him to everyone. Bravo Lalo. Best decision of my life.
Marianna SaucedoMarianna Saucedo
04:27 16 Jan 23
If you don’t know where to start or how to: COACH LALO IS IT! I love Coach Lalo!!! Lalo has shown me that MY OWNLY LIMIT IS MY MIND! He loves what he does!! He is very passionate, and I have learned to have discipline and dedication! We meet monthly to check up and review meal plans, workouts, and of course, the most important, “HOW I feel.” On every single check-up, I receive one-on-one attention. He also ensures that I get something out/learn something every time we meet. In the beginning, he explains what the goal for the appointment is, and at the end, he makes sure we are on the “same page” and ready to keep going. Every time I talk to him, I get great vibes from him. He will also check up on you even if it's not the time scheduled to meet. He works with your schedule as well! I remember telling him I wanted to compete! His response was, “LET’S DO IT!” Since then, I have been his client. Coach Lalo also has this fantastic APP!! It has everything you need: from the explanation of the exercise to how many calories a meal/food has. It also has where you can put your steps, sleep, body measurements, goals, and more! Honestly, the best!! I love this app because it tracks the weight used for every exercise. That way, I could see my PROGRESS!!Coach Lalo and I are getting ready for my FIRST bodybuilding competition, and I am so excited!!! I know I am in great hands! If you’re looking for that one coach. This is HIM!
Jaymit DesaiJaymit Desai
09:58 25 Oct 22
Lalo is a great personal trainer. He helps create programs customized to your goal and focuses on setting long term habits for life long results. His style of training and workouts always keep me motivated and wanting to come back. If you want to take a positive step towards fitness and do it the right way I would recommend infinite motivation for it!
15:40 22 Oct 22
I have been in and out of the gym for years and have seen little results.Speaking to Lalo about how he came to be as well defined as he is, he said something that I took and applied to my routine, wow it worked. One of many things Lalo has helped me with.I have been training with Lalo for a couple of months and have seen great results 👍.I would recommend him as a trainer not only because he is personable, easy to talk to, and someone that you can bend an ear with as you train.The location is clean, temp controlled, has facilities, in a pretty good location, and above all has the equipment needed for training someone no matter the level.
Bharadwaj AryaBharadwaj Arya
04:03 21 Oct 22
I’ve been training with Lalo for almost 10 months now, and believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I started training thrice a week, as part of the personal training session, really enjoyed the variety & challenge he puts into the sessions.When I first started training with Lalo, "The Bravo", I was really out of shape and was feeling exhausted all the time. I knew it was time I had the word with myself and needed an experienced, knowledgeable person to help me out. Now almost 10 months down the line, I have lost good amount of weight, I fee lot much fitter and I am always energized and refreshed!”Lalo is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and keeps rising the bar. My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability and agility to complete exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts.Importantly:– He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries and also incorporates proper mechanisms to alleviate any injuries incurred during training. (personally, I had a lower back ache recently and he made sure that I got recovered soon by avoiding strength training and conditioning exercises that impacted my lower back. Instead he had opted for substitution workouts and gave enough time to recover and rehabilitate)– He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. Nevertheless to say, not even any type of calamity can refrain Lalo on not being on time.- Lalo, ("The Zero Gravitater") is just a cool passionate guy easy to talk to and someone who makes you feel very comfortable as you put yourself in the somewhat vulnerable position of attempting self-improvement and relinquishes every moment when he trains his clients and makes sure that we are more focussed on our objectives and goals.Thank you for holding me accountable, getting maximum results in minimal time at the gym, and making me feel great! (As you keep saying, it's always about how you feel rather than how you look.) You’ve given me tips on nutrition and even become my unofficial nutrition therapist! I look forward to reaching our next target together.
Bhargav SriramBhargav Sriram
00:06 21 Oct 22
I have been training on my own for over 3 years and was running in circles where I wasn't able to push any further. Lalo has been my trainer for over few months and I can already see lot of improvement in my goals and confidence. I would like to Thank Lalo for his hard work, to raise my limits and keep challenging me. Its his cheerful attitude, expertise and abundant knowledge that makes the training time so quickly, worth and efficiently, along with keeping me safe from injuring myself.If motivation, discipline and consistency ( din't mention results, as following these will automatically get you results) is what you are looking in a PT, then Lalo is the man for you.
nilson palmanilson palma
02:23 19 Oct 22
This man is great at what he does. I don’t usually write reviews but I felt the need to this time. Lalo goes above and beyond to ensure you’re meeting your fitness goals. I have been trained by him in the past and am now currently using his online coaching program. When I started working out with him I was recovering from a shoulder injury and weighed 163 pounds. He took the time to make me a personalized routine that avoided discomfort while building muscle. Two years later, I have gained over 15 pounds of muscle and am working out pain free. It’s a great feeling and it’s mostly thanks to him. (I still had to put in the work myself hahah.)
Jothy PolJothy Pol
03:45 18 Oct 22
Have been training with Lalo for almost 10+ months now. Working out with him is fun and engaging. I have noticed a big change in my body have become stronger and healthier through his training methods. Before starting training with him I never really felt I needed a trainer but at some point, it led to frustration as it was too overwhelming. I struggled with planning my nutrition, tracking progress within my limited schedule. I wasn't getting motivated at all. I needed motivation and explained to him my goals, strengths, and weaknesses which made him understand where I need more help. He has designed workouts and helped with my strength & nutrition. His versatility makes him the ideal trainer for any level and all age groups! as you grow and improve, he changes your workouts to keep you challenged. I personally like one of his methods “Progressive Overload”, which is highly motivating! I’m so impressed with myself that I’m able to do some exercises which I have never imagined I could do. Lalo is passionate about what he does, and he really cares about his clients and helps them meet their needs. It's not just a workout and you’re done. He also helps with meal planning and tracks your progress to keep you on track! Facility is neat and clean with all modern equipment. I highly recommend!
Dante De la CruzDante De la Cruz
03:22 14 Oct 22
After losing weight on my own after a year of diet and exercise i took a break and got out of the routine i had gotten used to. i decided to get back to working out again and i trained with Lalo for 6 months. I learned a lot every session whether it was different exercises that help different parts of the body or tips about diet and food choices. Most importantly Lalo really cares about your progress and is committed to helping you reach your goals.
00:28 14 Oct 22
Lalo is the best personal trainer and good friend who you can rely on.Excellent coaching skill and wide expertise on exercise and nutrition!
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